Phillies manager Joe Girardi teaches math to students

Math class led by Phillies Manager Joe Girardi? Yes, it's a real thing. 

On Friday, FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce joined a group of seventh graders from William Meredith School in Queen Village for an hour-long math lesson with Mr. G.

The Northwestern grad, who has an industrial engineering degree, has been spending his newfound "free" time this spring developing baseball-related math lessons for Meredith students in sixth through eighth grades.

"I saw Peyton Manning went on during a class at the University of Tennessee and I thought what a great idea to give the kids something to look forward to every week," he said.

Math teacher Jessica Tilli says his lessons have become a bright spot for students.

Girardi says his interaction with these middle school students has taught him as well.

"The importance of putting a smile on someone’s face that’s what they’ve taught me," he added. 


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