Philly Goat Project accepting donated Christmas trees to feed goats in Germantown

The Philly Goat Project is a multi-acre facility based in Germantown.

Every Saturday throughout January, the Philly Goat Project will be accepting donated Christmas trees to feed to the goats.

Not only does the pine from the trees smell delicious to the goats, it also includes nutritional value for them.

The trees provide a source of fiber for the goats and helps with their digestive tracts.

Last year, the trees lasted until March for the goats which was a big help for the organization.

Beyond that, the Philly Goat Project will allow families to roast marshmallows, feeding goats, walking with the goats, and other fun activities.

However, please be mindful of the whether because rain could hinder marshmallow roasting. Holiday wreathes will not be accepted, either.

Beyond that, the Philly Goat Project says they have accessible grounds for people with special needs.

The state of Pennsylvania will also be granting the Philly Goat Project $7,500 to help with programming. 

One such program will be their youth and agriculture initiative, in which seventh and eighth grade students will act as interns so they can learn more about the agricultural industry even in the city. 

More information can be found on the Philly Goat Project website.