Philly group Earth Day Kids to perform at March for Our Lives rally

This group of West Philly kids are rehearsing for a big performance this weekend. Saturday they'll take their anti-gun violence message to the March for Our Lives rally in Philadelphia.

It's being held on the same day about 500,000 teens and adults will head to Washington for a national march in light of last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

"Performing has to be the best part because I get to show everybody me," said 13-year-old Ci'Nya Vincent. She's excited to be part of the group and realizes the seriousness of their message. They're called Earth Day Kids which started out promoting environmental awareness in their neighborhood but now it has expanded to ridding the environment of violence.

"A lot of people are killed in especially in Philadelphia and I feel like this song brings us together," said Ci'Nya. Their song Peace on the Streets also gives a tribute to victims of the most recent mass shootings. Parkland particularly touches them.

"Yes because our parents worry about us and they want us home to love us and to grow with us," said 13-year-old Layla McFarland who joined the group last year.

"A lot of the kids that are dying are dying young and they're not getting the chance to go to college and everyone should have the chance to go to college," said Ci'Nya. 12-year-old Kyleh Hargrove says, "People are starting to get the message and even though it's more killings almost every day we want to get the word all the way out."

Their leader Angie Wilson-Vincent says the kid's hearts are in it because of what they've been exposed to.

"These kids seem like they're born in it. At 2 years old they know about gun violence so we're hoping that every day we can change someone's life when they hear this song," she said.

The Peace on the Streets song was written by D-Bankzz an original Earth Day Kids member after Trayvon Martin was killed and she lost a family member to gun violence.

The group has also performed at the Women's Day March, Mothers in Charge, Disarm Hate and Peace Day Philly.

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