Philly museums, cultural institutions prepare for Jan. 4 reopening

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance says it's relieved to hear museums and other cultural institutions can reopen beginning Jan. 4.

"The Barnes and the Art Museum. I would definitely go," said Craig Russell.

He feels it will be safe and says people are typically more considerate in museums than in other places. 

"You generally give people their space when they're looking at art," he said. Jill Schulson says she'll be there too. 

"My family has been missing it. There aren't so many activities right now. Even the outdoor activities are really booked up. So I think we're all looking for something to do. Something engaging and exciting," she said. 

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance spoke out Tuesday about the anticipated reopening which follows two shutdowns since the pandemic began.

Priscilla Luce is the interim president and CEO and says it's a feeling of relief. 

"Museums have lost some of the income potential if not all of it that they would have had during the holiday season which is one of the biggest times of the year, if not the biggest times for museums," said Luce.

She says visitors can expect mandatory mask wearing, hand sanitizing stations, and other safety precautions.  

"Timed ticketing which means you will come at a specific time and you will stay for a certain period of time. The reason for that is to manage the number of people in the facility, according to the city's guidelines," said Luce.  

Jordan Shuster says she misses the museums and understands no place is without risk but she isn't ready to return. 

"I think that if they're opened safely it's a positive. Making sure they're not losing too much revenue and that none of them have to close. With that said I don't know if I’m personally at a place where I would go," she said.  

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance says it’s waiting for clarity on how the reopening will affect libraries and other cultural attractions. It’s also recommended that you visit each museum's website for going beginning Jan. 4.


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