Philly residents look for heat wave relief by heading to Center City fountains

Is it hot enough? Temperatures soared into the 90s Monday, for the third day in a row, making the first heat wave of the season official.

But, despite it feeling hot as fire, there is an oasis in Philadelphia.

Center City kids get away with stuff most adults can’t, like jumping in the Logan Square fountain. No swimming allowed in that fountain, but with temps in the mid 90’s, youngsters don’t care. And Deputy Parks Commissioner Anne Marie Dunne says pools will open, hopefully at the end of June.

"We will go with what we have. We’re going to continue to recruit. And, we will open pools as we can, safely. We’re gonna make sure that we have the appropriate staff and that everything and everyone coming is safe," Dunne explained.

FOX 29’s Hank Flynn tried the sprinklers at Sister Cities Park by the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, but it was all moms and babies, at the park.

So, he moved on to Dilworth Park and that wasn’t bad, but not much pressure from the sprinklers around the roller skating rink. But, then, like a dream, the sprinklers at Love Park – cool geysers pounding out pure liquid relief – so good! Arlene Williams, DD Black and Flynn almost cried for joy.

"It feels so good, I’m just soaking up every moment. It’s so beautiful! Can’t you see the tears?!" exclaimed Williams.

"Have fun and get wet with the kids and just have fun! And, stay cool," Black remarked.

It’s not brand new – it’s a couple of years old and newly renovated. And, what’s more, Love Park Manager Andrew Emma says they’re staying open late.

"We actually extended the hours this year. They are on from about 8:30 in the morning till about 11 at night. So, it’s gonna be hot into the evenings and people are more than welcome to come here. Again, any kind of positive activities we have here, at the park, is something that we love," Emma explained.



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