Philly Truce app mediators taking calls to help reduce violence

245 murders in Philadelphia as of Monday. That's just one short of the entire year in 2013.

It’s an uphill battle but people like Chinita Bradshaw and Mary Gillen want in on helping slow the violence.

"We have gotten a lot of calls," said Gillen.

They're both mediators for Philly Truce. It’s an app staffed by community volunteers trained through the program to take concerns reported through the app about possible violence brewing.

"If you can get in front of some of these things before somebody goes to get a gun or calls a cousin to bring a gun, it would be very helpful," said Bradshaw. Monday night, the women were working together on an issue that came through the app.

"We got in contact with their neighbors and hopefully what we’re possibly looking at is having some sort of restorative peace circle," Gillen commented.

Mazzie Casher is one of the co-creators of the Philly Truce app, which started a little over a month ago. FOX 29 first spoke with the group when they put out a call for volunteers last March

"The number one thing Philly Truce wants to do, and aims to do, is to change the culture of who is going to do something about it. We got to get active," Casher said.

Philly Truce is looking for more mediators. The next training is scheduled for July.

Download the app to use and become a mediator or contact or call 267-45-TRUCE for more information 



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