PHOTO: Cone paved over on South Philadelphia street

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Neighbors say there's a pothole problem in South Philadelphia. The hole was filled.
But that's not the issue. It's how it looks after the job that is a bit confusing. A cone is now stuck in the street and neighbors say they're having problems getting it fixed right away.

It's busy along 5th Street right in front Dr. Brian Kron's Eye Center. Neighbors say they called the city's 3-1-1 line to get the hole filled.

"They came out with three men and a driver and threw it in there with the pontoon still in the hole," said Dr. Kron. "I came out and asked if they were going to do the job properly and they just laughed and drove away."

"I contacted 3-1-1 to say a cone was in a pothole and it had been paved over and now the repair was sinking in,' said Suzanne Flint.

Suzanne Flint says she called back after several days.

"Who knows what else is in there; probably bottles, trash," she said.

She says she was told the case of the caving pothole caper had been closed.

"Because the Streets Department had allegedly come out and said that they could not locate the problem, which is ridiculous,' she said.

It's even become a joke online.

FOX 29 took a picture and emailed it to the Streets Department. With a follow phone call, which is the same thing neighbors say they did. We're waiting to hear back.