PHOTO: Mother Defends Image Of Son With Down Syndrome In Washing Machine

ERSKINE, SCOTLAND- Backlash has erupted after the mother of a toddler with Down Syndrome was photographed inside a washing machine. The photo was then shared on Facebook.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, 21-year old Courtney Steward has been questioned by police, and even assaulted on her own doorstep since the photo was shared.

Stewart has since defended her actions saying that her son was in her care and he, "loves the washing machine. We took a picture and it was a laugh."

She added that her son has a "washing obsession," and claimed that he had climbed into the machine on is own. She claims the machine was unplugged at the time of the photo, and that there was no risk of harm.

Police say the photo was reported to them, and they made "relevant child care checks." The photo was then taken off of Facebook.

Stewart also claimed that she was assaulted on her own doorstep. The Daily Record was able to confirm that a 42-year-old woman had been arrested in the alleged assault.