PHOTO: Teacher Hold's Students Child During Class to Help Her Focus on School

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WTXF)- A teacher in Massachusetts is the subject of a viral photo, after he went the extra mile to help one of his students.

The photo shows a previously viral picture of a college professor holding the crying child of a student, alongside another teacher holding a student's child.

Teachers are the real MVP. To the left a photo, that has gone viral, of a professor holding a students child because he...

The teacher in the new photo has been identified as Mr. Tommy Guy, a graduation coach trying to help students finish school.

Kimmy Lopez was trying to complete her high school education in the Central High School re-engagement diploma program, but had several hurdles to overcome.

One of those hurdles included finding child care for her 10-month old son while living in a shelter with her infant.

When she was unable to find child care she could afford, she thought it would harm her chances of finishing school.

Lopez writes on Facebook that she called the school and told the administrators about the issue.

Instead of turning Lopez away, administrators told her to bring her son to school with her, and they set up a play pen in their office.

Lopez says teachers would even bring toys and snacks for her son, and Mr. Guy would even take him with them to run errands so that she could focus on school and graduate with her class.

In her post, Lopez writes that teachers are "the real MVP," and finishes by saying "Teachers are your second parents."