Photographer captures emotional moments before and after conjoined twins' separation

A Brazilian photographer captured emotional moments between parents and their conjoined twin baby girls, just days after they underwent a six-hour operation that successfully separated them.

The baby girls named Maria Clara and Maria Eduarda Santana, are from Salvador and were born in May. The girls shared an abdomen and a liver.

According to the Daily Mail, the operation took 15 medical professionals to complete and ultimately saved the little girl's lives.

The girl's parents, Caique Santana and Denise Borges are seen smiling in the emotional photos, holding their healthy baby girls post-surgery.

Photographer Mateus Andre, 28, has been following the story of the two little girls, and has captured their recovery on film.

Andre photographed them when they were conjoined at three-months-old and then again at five-months-old, 14 days after their separation surgery.

Andre told the Daily Mail that the family hopes this surgery will give their children a better future.

"The girls' condition is not easy," said Andre. "The place is poor and they need and will need many donations. In spite of all they face, the family are hopeful that the surgery will give them a better future."

Photos Courtesy of Mateus Andre