Photos show men on quads and dirt bikes vandalizing fields at local elementary school

Police are hoping to identify men captured on surveillance video on quads and dirt bikes leaving behind damage at Tawanka Elementary School in Feasterville-Trevose.

Lower Southampton police say the vandalism happened last month.

"That school was just built so everything is really nice over there and they've been ruining the lawns and the fields over there," said Lauren Brando. Her son Aden goes to the school and they live in the neighborhood. She says police have been asking neighbors to be on the lookout for whoever is doing this.

"I mean I know that it takes a lot of work for the fields to be conditioned and look nice in the summertime and so they might not think much at the winter and that they're not ruining the fields," she said. Police say the property was turfed by someone on a red and white dirt bike and a yellow quad.

There was also an orange one involved but not pictured. It appears the men got out of the dark pickup truck. The suspects eventually took off in the Oakford section of the township. Brando says it's a problem for the entire neighborhood not just the school.

"It's also a disturbance of the quads and the bikes with the noise and the neighboring houses because everything is really close. The houses are close to the school," said Brando.

Police say the pickup truck has a white arrow decal on the back window and silver tubular side steps.

It's unclear whether those pictured are all men or some juveniles.

If you have any information, please contact the Lower Southampton Township Police Department at 215-357-1235.