Video shows plaza at Holocaust Memorial filled with trash

For the second time in recent days, the plaza at the Holocaust Memorial in Center City was strewn with trash. But, Philadelphia’s Jewish leaders say it’s important not to jump to conclusions.

Video provided to FOX 29 shows piles of trash strewn across the oldest Holocaust Memorial in the United States, in Philadelphia, over the weekend.

Officials say the incident took place at 16th and Arch St. in Center City.

"The reaction always that someone is doing something that is anti-Semitic and it’s okay to jump to that, but we have to be very clear and there have been some incidents here that have just been due to homelessness and carelessness or whatever," said Steven Rosenberg, COO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

Last month, surveillance video captured what police believe to be a man and woman using yellow paint to vandalize the memorial. However, officers say they did not believe the message was anti-Semitic.

Rosenberg says despite the rising numbers of anti-Semitic hate crimes, the Federation needs more information before they can assume the motive behind what transpired.

"We have to be very careful, you can't just yell anti-Semitism before you have the facts," he said.

Philadelphia Police will review security camera footage to find out who is responsible for the alleged vandalism.



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