Plumstead Township police investigate suspicious incidents

The Plumstead Township Police Department is investigating three separate incidents involving suspicious people in the Patriots Ridge development.

Kristina Dau says a man rang her neighbor's doorbell and then peered in the window.

"I looked outside and I saw a car parked out front with the driver's side door open," she told FOX 29.

From there, two young men jumped in the car and drove off. One of them was captured on her neighbor's video camera. Plumstead Township police put his photo out and now want to talk to him.

Police say it was one of three suspicious incidents here in the Patriots Ridge development in less than a week.

Last Friday, a woman was seen taking pictures of homes and when confronted she ran away. On Tuesday, a man in a suit was captured in the distance on camera, taking photos of homes and looking in.

If anyone has any images or information pertaining to the suspicious people, please contact us at 215-766-8741 or leave an anonymous tip using the Crimewatch website.