Point Breeze townhomes under construction destroyed in fire

A quick response saved several new townhomes under construction on a block in Point Breeze.

Fire commissioner Adam Thiel, on the scene at about 20th and Wharton streets, said the call came at 4:15am and firefighters arrived in just three minutes. They managed to get it under control at 5:15.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports there were about nine homes being built on the block.

Three new homes under construction were on fire. Two were destroyed. Others suffered water and smoke damage, but still more were saved.

Commissioner Thiel said the fire got to just two alarms because of the quick response. About 75 firefighters and 22 apparatuses were at the scene.

There were no injuries.

Steve said he saw firefighters risking their lives even though there were no lives inside the buildings to save. They climbed ladders that were wet, dark and smoky -- with live power lines exploding above their heads.

Firefighters will stay at the fire scene for a while to put it out completely.

The buildings are owned by Ori Feibush's OCF Realty, one of two major developers in the area who bought abandoned lots and homes to gentrify, and also ran for City Council.