Pokemon GO users stumble on three abandoned puppies in a park

Meet Dialga, Kyurem, and Lugia.

If those names sound familiar...you may have heard of them in the popular app Pokemon GO.

The puppies were fittingly named after Pokemon characters...because the game is the only reason they are still alive.

"A woman was hiking with her children and stumbled upon these three puppies while they were hunting for Pokemon," Callista Pearson from Salt Lake County Animal Services said.

The discovery was made in Herriman Canyon last Thursday.

"We believe they were abandoned up there"

Animal services say the border collie mixes, which are from two different litters, are only four months old.

"They were probably hungry and definitely dehydrated because it was so hot outside last week."

Animal services are now looking to find these Pokemon puppies new homes.

"They'll make great family dogs. They'll need training because they are puppies but these are great little characters that this person stumbled upon."