Police: 10 pounds of pot shipped to wrong house

You could call it a very unhappy 4/20 marijuana holiday for someone in Delaware County. 10 pounds of premium marijuana bound for Yeadon is now in the hands of police.

The large cardboard box arrived by a UPS truck on the tree-lined doorstep of an unsuspecting Yeadon homeowner last week.

Police say 10 pounds of high-grade pot was shipped from Sacramento, California. The bundles stuffed into a plastic bucket, then into a cardboard box and delivered to a home on the 900 block of Longacre Drive, according to police.

The delivery has become the talk of the neighborhood.

Investigators say the woman who got the package of pot is a church pastor. She opened it up inside her Southwest Philadelphia ministry and then called police. She's now worried someone may come back for their stash.

"She is very upset and traumatized and she feels this person or persons who were going to pick this package up might come back," said Yeadon Police Chief Donald Molineux.

Yeadon police say it's happened three times over the past couple years where criminals use someone else's address to mail drugs to themselves.

Yeadon police are now working with UPS to get surveillance video from the drop off location in California to try to track down the sender.