Police: 12-year-old girl stabs 11-year-boy in head with scissors at school

Authorities in West Philadelphia are investigating after a student was stabbed Thursday afternoon.

The incident happened around 2:20 p.m. at the John Barry Elementary School on the 5900 block of Race Street in West Philadelphia.

Police say, 12-year-old girl stabbed the 11-year-old boy in the back of his head with a pair of scissors. It is unclear whether the scissors were school issued or not.

"The safety of our students is always our number one priority. This type of violent act taking place in one of our schools in unacceptable," school officials said in a statement.

The boy is in stable condition at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce the boy is expected to be released from the hospital Thursday night.

Police say the 12-year-girl is facing a list of charges, including aggravated assault. She was in police custody Thursday awaiting arraignment.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.