Police: 2 Women Report Being Inappropriately Touched in Their Dorm Rooms

Lawrence Township, NJ (WTXF)-Police say two Rider University females reported they were touched inappropriately by men while they slept in their dorm rooms.

According to police, on September 27 th , an unknown man entered a locked dorm room in West Village and allegedly grabbed a 21-year-old female student's chest while she slept. Police say the female woke up and screamed at the suspect and swung her arm at the suspect as the suspect fled from the dorm room leaving the dorm building in an unknown direction. Police describe the suspect as a white male, thin build, dark hair with dark clothing.

While investigating this incident, the Lawrence Township Police Department say they were alerted of a similar incident that occurred on September 11th. Police say an unidentified male allegedly entered the dorm building in the West Village and entered an unlocked dorm room. According to police, the suspect touched a 22-year-old female on the shoulder while she was sleeping. The female woke up and the white male suspect fled the dorm room. The female reported the incident to Rider security on September 1th. Lawrence Township was never contacted, police say. The suspect was described as a white male, thin build, dark hair, and dark clothing, according to police..

A separate incident occurred at a sorority house on September 26, 2015 as where an unidentified white male was observed walking in the hallway, according to police. A female alerted a male friend who scared the unidentified white male. No offense was reported to have occurred.

The Lawrence Township Police Department is working collectively with Rider University to identify the suspect or suspects involved. Both Lawrence Township Police and Rider University are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of the students. If anyone has information that would assist in identifying the suspect(s), please contact Det. Joseph Radlinksy at 609-896-1111 or lawrencepolice@lawrencetwp.com.