Police: 5th Suspect in Coatesville Robbery and Homicide Turns Himself in

Coatesville, Pa.(WTXF)-Authorities say all five suspects are in police custody in connection with a robbery and homicide in Coatesville, Pa.

On Monday, authorities announced that they arrested Dajon Rowe, 17; Steven Adams, 17; Demetrius Joseph, 21; and Chris Mansfield, age 21, but Tyler Adams was still on the loose. On Tuesday, according to authorities, the suspect Tyler Adams surrendered to police at 415 p.m. Tuesday All of the defendants are from Coatesville.

Police say all five suspects know each other. In the late night and early morning hours of October 3 to October 4, the teens were meeting together in Coatesville and allegedly looking for targets to rob, according to police.

At approximately 2:00 a.m., the defendants converged on the four men on the porch, police say. The defendants began to pat down the men for valuables, according to police,then, in rapid succession, defendant Mansfield allegeldly punched one of the victims in the head. Defendant Rowe is accused of shooting one victim in the chest and a second victim in the leg. After the shooting, the defendants fled the area.

The victim who was shot in the chest, Juan Antonio Jiminez, died from his wounds. The victim who was shot in the leg was transported to a hospital and is in stable condition.

Two spent 9mm shell casings were recovered at the shooting scene. When defendant Rowe was apprehended later in the day on October 4, he had a live 9mm round of ammunition in his pocket, according to police. Investigators say the 9mm semi-automatic pistol used in the murder was located in Rowe's bedroom. With the exception of Tyler Adams, who is still at large, all of the defendants have been arraigned and transported to Chester County Prison. Because of the nature of the charges, no bail has been set.

According to District Attorney Hogan, "The defendants were out hunting like a pack of wolves looking for prey. During the robbery, Dajon Rowe pulled a gun and shot one of the victims, killing him. Now one innocent man is dead and five young men face life in prison. This was a stupid and senseless crime with tragic consequences."

This is the first homicide in Coastesville since December 2012.

The defendants are charged with murder, robbery, conspiracy, and related offenses.

Anybody with information should call the Chester County Detectives at (610) 344-6866 or the Coatesville Police Department at (610) 384-2300. Deputy District Attorney Carlos Barraza has been assigned to prosecute this case.