Police: Business Owner Attacked By Disgruntled Employee

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) Police say a man was arrested and another sent to the hospital after an argument over payment for services erupted into an alleged assault involving a hammer and lighter fluid.

"I had a big laceration on the top of my head. I required 5 staples," said Lloyd Napier. The wounds on his head and face show the horrific amount of trauma he suffered at the hands of an alleged disgruntled employee.

"He pulled out the lighter fluid and started to spray me with the lighter fluid and tell me in very not nice words that he was going to light me on fire and kill me," said Napier.

Gloucester Township Police say the attack happened Monday morning in the tiny lobby space of Computer Techz, the company Napier owns on Black Horse Pike in Blackwood. 41-year old Jason Brad is charged. Napier says Brad is a contract employee who fixes computers for him and wasn't happy about his pay.

"Basically he didn't want to wait a day for his pay check because I had to verify his hours because they were incorrect and he was trying to report more hours than he actually worked," said Napier. He says Brad became enraged. Investigators say Brad doused Napier with lighter fluid and attacked him with a hammer.

"I started ducking down and he started hitting me in the back of the head with the hammer. At that point I pinned him up against the wall and he still tried to hit me with the hammer. I threw him on the ground and laid on top of him and pulled the hammer from him. The reason I didn't let him go to call police myself was because if I let him go and turned my back, I fully believed he had every intention of killing me," said Napier whose girlfriend showed up for work minutes later and called police.

"I was like wow he could have died if he hit him a certain way or a little bit too hard," said Ranim Sereg, Napier's girlfriend and business partner.

The suspect is being held at the Camden County Correctional Facility on $100,000.