Police call fatal stabbing of Bucks County man "a justifiable homicide"

Police have released more information regarding a double stabbing in Bucks County that occurred back in September.

According to police, on September 12 at 4:00 a.m., 59-year-old David Mathias III returned to his home in Morrisville on Foster Drive where he lived with his 45-year-old girlfriend of ten years.

Investigation revealed that Mathias, who had been suffering from intense mental health issues, had a related episode where he engaged the victim, his girlfriend, with a knife.

Police say the woman suffered significant defensive wounds to her hands during the struggle, but was able to gain control of the knife and fatally stab Mathias.

Evidence collected during an extensive investigation by Bucks County Detectives and the Falls Township Police Department determined that the victim defended herself, making Mathias' murder a justifiable homicide.

The press release states that the investigation revealed that "a very well-respected, peaceful and generous man suffered from a rapid descent into a major mental health problem very late in life which caused the fateful encounter with the victim."

The incident took place in the rear bedroom of the trailer where the victim was sleeping.

Police say that before the mental health episode Mathias suffered that morning, he had not previously been violent, threatening or destructive. They also state that with his parents' help, Mathias had very recently began to receive evaluation and treatment for his mental health issues.

Investigation also revealed that neither party was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and the knife used in the attack was a kitchen steak knife which was present inside the home.

The victim was hospitalized for several days after the incident, where she underwent surgery to repair her hands. She is expected to make a full recovery after participating in long term physical therapy.