Suspect in custody after lengthy police chase across LA; suspect drove in circles at several intersections

A high-speed police chase turned into a bizarre traffic-violation spree in Los Angeles late Thursday night.

SkyFOX was over downtown Los Angeles as a driver initially led authorities on a high-speed chase across parts Glendale, Pasadena and Los Angeles before officers pulled out of the pursuit.

Just after 9 p.m., Glendale Police received multiple calls of a vehicle doing donuts at the intersection of Sonora Ave. and Flower St. According to police, one caller reported that the vehicle drove right towards them as the driver started yelling at them. 

Officers located the driver and attempted to pull him over but the suspect failed to stop and drove in a circle around one of the officers while shouting at them. The driver nearly struck a patrol vehicle before fleeing onto the northbound 5 freeway. 

Glendale police say the suspect drove at speeds over 110 mph. 

SkyFOX spotted the suspect driving in circles multiple times over the course of the chase.

Air units were following the suspect overhead but due to speed and safety, ground units had to pull back from the pursuit. 

The suspect, later identified as 25-year-old Carlos Mijares, drove back to Glendale and was spotted doing donuts at the intersection of Western Ave. and Lake St. 

Glendale officers arrived to the location but Mijares drove off and entered the southbound 5 freeway. 

The pursuit was handed over to California Highway Patrol, around 10:50 p.m. Mijares was taken into custody in South LA by CHP. 

He was booked into the Glendale City Jail for reckless driving and felony evading. However, while officers were booking him, they say Mijares was uncooperative and continually pulled away from officers and tried to lay on the floor. At one point, he charged at officers say they tried to close his cell door; he managed to wedge himself into the door. Officers were eventually able to secure him and no injuries were reported.