Police: Convicted Sex Offenders Abduction of Boy, 16, Thwarted

HARVEY, IL- Police say an Illinois man's attempted abduction of a teenage boy was thwarted thanks to the actions of two city employees.

According to FOX 32, Sean K. Drysdale attempted to abduct a boy, 16, while he was walking to school in Harvey.

Drysdale was reportedly driving his sedan alongside the teen, but the boy was able to flee and make it back to his home safely. His parents called police.

That's when two Public Works employees approached Drysdale, 43, and called police as well.

Police arrived and took Drysdale into custody. He was charged with child abduction.

FOX 32 reports Drysdale was recently released from prison after a 10 year stint for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy.