Police: Couple Swipes Cash and Credit Cards from 78-Year-Old Woman

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say a couple on a shopping spree using the cash and credit cards they swiped from a 78-year-old woman.

That victim says her act of generosity cost her dearly, but aside from the money there's one thing she desperately wants back.

Marie Bonner was inspired by the pope's recent visit to Philadelphia, Marie Bonner kindly stopped to help a complete stranger at the jewelry counter in Kohl's recently and it cost her dearly.

"He told me he needed a present for his grandmother and I picked out three necklaces that I thought she would like," she told FOX 29.

While Marie was helping the man, police say, a woman was caught on tape, rummaging through Marie's pocketbook and stealing her wallet.

"I suddenly didn't have a wallet," Marie explained.

According to police, the stranger and his female accomplice quickly left the store and headed to the Boulevard using Marie's credit cards, they went on a 35 minute shopping spree, spending over $3,500.

"I guess somebody was very desperate for cash that they had to do something like that," said Marie.

Detectives say the two bandits went to Macy's to buy electronics, including a big screen TV. They stopped at two Wawa gas stations on the Boulevard and bought a lot of gift cards allegedly using Marie's credit cards. The extravagant spending spree ended when Marie quickly notified authorities.

Marie is hoping to get a prized possession back from the stolen wallet. a cherished photo of her late husband before he died. She also hoping her story will prevent others from being victimized.

"Keep your purse with you and just don't be fooled by a criminal," she said.

Marie lost about $300 in cash, her credit cards, her license and personal ID. She's now replaced almost all of it, but she's still hoping to get that prized picture of her late husband back.

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