Police dash cam captures crazy high speed chase with wrong way driver

A dash cam video shows what could have easily been confused for a scene from an action movie.

A Utah trooper engages on a high speed chase on a busy freeway after a woman who was driving the wrong way.

The dramatic video shows another trooper catching up to the car. The car then drives in circles on the interstate before it makes its escape in traffic.

The trooper attempts to disable to car by hitting it, but the driver gets away again, its bumper dragging.

The car continues to drive recklessly across multiple lanes of traffic before it is hit for a second time by the trooper performing a pit maneuver.

This finally puts the car out of commission and it rolls upside down to a complete stop.

But that didn't stop the chase.

Lt. Chris Simmons with the Utah Highway Patrol explained what happened next.

"After her vehicle rolled, she exited the vehicle and she attempted to carjack a couple of other vehicles, where the trooper encountered her trying to climb up to a semi to escape apprehension. At that time a trooper wrestled with her on the ground, as well as another trooper."

According to troopers, the woman was then taken to a nearby hospital where it took a reported eight people to restrain her.