Police Department Replaces Little Girl's Stolen Scooter

ROUND ROCK, TX (WTXF) Officers at Round Rock Police Department in Texas replaced a little girl named Lexi's scooter after it was stolen at school last Monday.

Ashley Earhart, the girl's mother, called the police department to file a report on the stolen scooter and police went above and beyond to help.

After coming home and seeing the new scooter on their doorstep, Earhart wrote a Facebook post commending the Red Rock Police Department. She thanked the officers for their act of kindness, stating that her daughter was "over the moon" after she came home saw the new scooter.

Red Rock Police Department left a note along with the present as well. The note said, "Hi! We were sorry to hear that your scooter disappeared! No little girl should be without her favorite outside toy though. Enjoy this one, we'll help you keep it safe."