Police discovered deadly crash, suspected DUI driver said he hit an animal

A pedestrian was killed just before 2am in Nicetown-Tioga and the crash is being blamed on a drunk driver.

Turns out, it was police officers driving southbound on Wissahickon Avenue from Roberts Avenue who discovered the tragedy.

Police say the officers saw "a white BMW in the center median with a shattered windshield, heavy front end and hood damage, and smoke coming from the engine."

They stopped to investigate the vehicle and say a man walked up from behind them, and said he struck an animal.

The officers stayed to investigate what he'd actually struck and saw what looked like blood on the hood of the vehicle.

Then, they saw a man on the sidewalk on the northwest side of Roberts Avenue, "lying on his back pressed against the wall and bleeding from his head."

That victim, 23, was pronounced dead.

The driver, 53, was placed into custody for suspicion of DUI and then taken to the hospital for treatment of a cut to his hand and facial injuries, due to airbag deployment.