Police: Drugs, money and chemicals found in Mayfair house

Police say they found drugs, money and chemicals at a house in Mayfair.

SkyFOX flew above the 2900 block of Longshore Ave. The call came in as a fire in a rowhome.

"I came up the street-- couldn't get on the street. There were a bunch of fire trucks, hook and ladder up at the window, smashing the air conditioner out of the window," neighbor Gail Foy said.

Neighbors, first alarmed by the fire and feared it could spread, then found out what was allegedly going on inside the house.

Police say they found a quantity of synthetic marijuana in the basement along with the chemical acetone, which together are part of a group of designer drugs known as K2 or spice. According to police, they also recovered drugs and cash.

"This is the first on our street. There was a drug bust in the next.block and up the street 2 weeks ago," neighbor Carol said.

The investigation is ongoing.