Police: Ejected Eagles fan punches police horse, officer

Eagles fan Taylor Hendricks may have a story to tell after Saturday's big Eagles win at the Linc. Like the one where police say he got ejected from the game, then repeatedly punched a police horse in the face, before striking a Philadelphia police officer.

"To come out here and punch a horse, especially when a cop's on it--crazy," Eagles fan Vincent Letizia told FOX 29 .

Police say it all started when the 22-year-old Whitehall Township resident got ejected from the Eagles-Falcons game for being intoxicated and not having a ticket. After he got tossed, police say Hendricks approached a mounted police officer--punching his horse repeatedly in the face and neck, then striking the officer in the legs.

FOX 29 caught up with some Eagles fans exiting the Sixers game Monday afternoon. The fan versus police horse tale left several shaking their heads.

"That's not cool. That is not cool," another Eagles fan said.

"Who in their right mind would do that?" another added.

"It's an embarrassment. We still hear about Santa Claus and snowballs. We don't need this," Eagles fan Steven Finkel said.

Police say Hendricks was charged with aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police horse, simple assault and defiant trespass. He posted bail around 4 a.m. Sunday morning.

Hendricks posted 10 percent of $5,000 bail. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 30th and could be banned from the Linc for the foreseeable future. Police say he may also face animal cruelty charges.