Police fatally shoot man said to be damaging cars in Lehigh County

In Lehigh County, prosecutors are looking into why police officers shot and killed a man on a road near Dorney Park.

Investigators say the medical examiner will perform an autopsy this week.

And, investigators are looking into whether the deadly force was justified.

"Get on the ground!"

A total of five gunshots are heard on Carla Dozier's cell phone footage and a man is seen going down.

"Shocked. What just happened? They shot him," Dozier said.

Dozier said she was checking into the Comfort Inn across from Dorney Park when she pulled out her camera because, she said, a man was 'acting crazy.' The Lehigh County District Attorney said he was interfering with traffic and damaging cars.

"At least one occasion ripped a window out of a car," said James Martin, Lehigh County District Attorney.

Shortly after 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Dozier's video clip shows the man with his hands up on the police cruiser. Then he walks away, walks back and goes down. Police said within minutes, the unidentified man died at a local hospital.

"He had no gun in his hand. At all. No gun," Dozier said.

Investigators could not confirm whether or not the man was armed. In the cell phone video, police can be heard shouting 'Get down on the ground' multiple times before the officer opens fire.

Despite that, Dozier and others, like Wendell Webster, of New York, think deadly force, in this case, was excessive.

"I think you could've disabled him instead of someone's life is taken. I think it's an unfortunate situation, but plice officers have a spilt second to make a decision," said Webster.

"All cops are not bad, not bad. I have friends who are cops. They're not bad. But, they need to train them a little bit better. Pull a taser out. Taze him, handle him a little bit better," said Dozier.

Police are asking for witnesses to come forward. They're also looking for footage of the shooting. They say it will help in the investigation.