Police: Father and son overtake home invasion suspect

DeKalb County Police said the father and son who fought off a 19-year-old gunman Wednesday morning will not be charged.

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Roy Ferrell and his 16-year-old son were kidnapped from an apartment complex off Evans Mill Road after the 19-year-old man held the two at gunpoint and forced them into Farrell's pickup truck.

Police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said the 19-year-old man initially approached Farrell's son at 2:15 a.m. while the 16-year-old was sitting outside the apartment near his father's truck

"He asked the teenager if he had a cigarette, then told him to go ask his father if he had a cigarette and that's when he pulled the weapon on the boy and forced him into the apartment with his father," said Campbell.

According to the police report, Farrell told the gunman he did not have any money, but would give him money from the ATM. Investigators said the gunman forced the Farrells to drive from Evans Mill Road to the SunTrust Bank on Panola Road.

After Farrell parked his truck, the father and son made their move, according to police.

"The father jumped over his son, reached for the gunman's weapon then told his son to choke the gunman. The gunman jumped out of the truck and that's when the father fired several shots," said Campbell.

Police said the suspect was hit three times and died at the scene. His name has not yet been released.

Both the father and son waited for police to arrive and are cooperating with the investigation.

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