Police: Girl, 16, severely injures foot in apparent fireworks accident in East Germantown

Authorities say a teenage girl was severely injured after an explosive device ignited on the second floor of a home in East Germantown Wednesday night.

The incident happened on the 5500 block of Blakemore Street just after 8 p.m. Police say a 16-year-old victim was home with three other teens at the time of the incident.

According to police, the girl has lost most of her right foot in the explosion. She did not live at the home where the incident occurred.

Detectives tell FOX 29's Steve Keeley the teen may have been trying to stomp out the lit fuse at the time of the explosion.

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The blast left a square foot hole in the ceiling of the residence. Authorities do not know exactly what kind of device exploded, but they believe it was illegally owned.

"We're not certain exactly what type of explosive device it is. Bomb squad personnel say it appears to be an 'M' device which people normally associate with an M-80. However, they say they are not certain that's the right way to characterize it. They say it's more than likely an 'M' device that's not commercial grade and is illegal to even possess," Chief Inspector Scott Small said Wednesday night.

Police are investigating who lit the device, and how they may have obtained it. 

The girl is currently in stable condition at Einstein Medical Center.


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