Police: Husband Of Bucks Co. Daycare Owner Sexually Assaulted Young Girl

Police in Bucks County have arrested a man for allegedly sexually assaulting a child at a Falls Township daycare facility.

54-year-old Harry Lawrence, of Yardley was arrested and charged with sexual assaulting of a girl multiple times. The victim was between the ages of nine and ten at the time of the assault, according to police.

After interviewing 54 year old Harry Lawrence, Falls Township Police believe he may be a serial predator, with years of access to children.

Arrested Tuesday night and charged with aggravated indecent assault of a child, between the years 2000 and 2003, alleged to have happened at the Little Joys daycare he and his now ex-wife ran inside their home.

We're not showing the home on the 200 block of Vernon Road in Morrisville. Because he no longer owns it.

Police also believe his ex-wife, who was well respected at the day care, had no knowledge of the alleged crimes.

A young woman-- now in her early 20s saying she was sexually molested between six and twleve times.. More than 12 years ago.. When she was nine or ten.. But was too afraid to come forward.

"It started out with sitting on his lap, playing video games, then rubbing their back…"

And over time, police say it got much worse.

"He continued to groom the and over time he eventually worked his way up to grabbing the from outside of their clothing then go underneath their clothing and then actually put his hands down their pants."

Police are already investigating two additional cases.. And feel certain-- more victims are out there.

"We're under the impression now that this is not just a one time thing for him. There's more victims out there that are probably in late teens now or early 20's. We're hoping that they step forward. This might give them some courage to come and get some justice for themselves."

One tenant at the apartment complex where Lawrence now lives.. Along with several residents who still live in his old neighborhood.. Says-- its not the man they remember.

"To have news like that, to know one of our neighbors used to be involved in something like that, it's disturbing.