Police in Bucks County warn of paving scam

Police in Bucks County are warning about a trick making a comeback. According to police, people claiming to be contractors go door-to-door and offer to pave driveways.

Melanie Hoover needs repair work on her driveway because it's all dug up. However, what infuriates her is how it got this way.

Last Saturday, she says a man came to her house asking if she wanted her driveway resurfaced for $3,800. She said no. But then, two days later just moments after she and her husband left for work their video camera caught the man returning with others. According to the video, they took a sledgehammer to the asphalt and then left.

When Hoover called him she says he told her they confused her house with another one that it was a mistake. But he never returned to fix it.

"I am so upset, because I had said no. I felt like now he feels like he's gonna get this job no matter what," she said.

Morrisville police are now searching for the men and say scams like this are not uncommon. When a man approached Crystal Birgel to do her driveway for $3,500 she paid them. They worked for a day, but never returned to finish. The work was done so poorly that the driveway started to sink.

"I'm sorry to say it that was such a lesson. I don't trust anybody anymore that comes to the door," she said.

Crystal eventually called Asphalt Services, a reputable company, that re-surfaced her driveway. Asphalt Services has seen these scams before.