Police in Philly, Bucks and Delaware counties investigate rash of Halloween decoration thefts

From the fake cobwebs and tombstone to inflatable pumpkins, spiders and witches, Halloween decorations are big business and big fun but they’ve recently been the target of thieves. And yes, some even wear masks.

"It was the violation, if you will, that someone would come on to your property and just brazenly take something that doesn’t belong to them" said Terrell McCray of East Oak Lane. His home was the target of a thief who was captured on home surveillance video stealing three scarecrow decorations from his front yard.

"They drive up with the car with their flashers out. Get out. Put on a mask because they see my camera. Take my property load it into their car and just drive away," McCray explained.


In the video provided to FOX 29, a man is seen pulling up and walking up to the yard on North 13th Street before taking three scarecrows valued at less than $100. But, McCray says, it’s not about the money.

"I do it mainly because I love it. Not even because my kids like it. I like it," McCray commented.

Halloween Grinches also struck in Delaware County. Dangling orange lights are all that remain of a display that was swiped outside the home of State Representative Leanne Kruger. She says Nether Providence police are investigating the theft of several holiday inflatables. Krueger tells FOX 29 much of the display was paid for from her son’s own pocket.

In Bucks County, Falls Township police are looking for two suspects seen on store video stealing Halloween decorations from a local Home Depot.

Back in East Oak Lane, the theft won’t dampen spirits at the McCray house. But, McCray does have a message for the masked stranger in the yard.

"There is so much negative that happens in this city and you just try to brighten it up the best way you can. And then this happens. And to that person, I say shame on you" McCray said.



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