Police in Pottstown investigate fatal shooting

Easter Sunday should have been quiet and peaceful on the 300 block of Johnson Street in Pottstown. Instead, it was the scene of the brutal shooting death of a 23-year-old woman identified as Siani Overby, according to a news release from the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

"Siani was the life of the party," said Rodrick Smith, who identified himself as the victim's brother.

"Just seen her yesterday, literally," he said. "She was fine. Everything was cool. She was happy."

Authorities say police responded to a call of a woman's screams and gunfire just before 2am Sunday.

"She wasn't alone when she died," said Bill Maldonado, a neighbor who told Fox 29 the shooting happened right in front of his house.

Dried blood could still be seen on the sidewalk where her body was located.

"I check her face, call her, 'wake up wake up! There was no respond at all," he said.

A man was spotted running away from the scene moments after the shooting but an exact description of the shooter was not available and the motive is unclear.

Investigators ask anyone with information to contact Pottstown Police at 610-970-6570 or the Montgomery County Detective Bureau at 610-278-3368.