Police investigate $112,000 worth of high-end handbags stolen from KOP Mall

Surveillance pictures show a woman and four men Upper Merion Police hope you can help them identify. They say the group worked together to steal $112,000 worth of high-end handbags from stores at King of Prussia Mall.

"No, I'm not surprised," said Tatiyanna Mason when she heard about the heist. She and Wayne West had just left the mall.

"Everybody want the Gucci, the Louis Vuitton. They want all the good stuff," said West. Police say there have been three incidents so far. One happened in December and the most recent two happened in April.

"In all three incidents people went into the store, quickly grabbed merchandise and quickly fled to awaiting vehicles," said Detective Andrew Rathfon. He says the third time the suspects hit they got away with 26 bags at once and were more aggressive. Police say that's the reason store employees and security didn't pursue the suspects.

"There was a threat of violence by one of the individuals toward a store employee," said Detective Rathfon. Surveillance cameras also captured these three cars police believe were used in the getaway.

They say two maybe rentals.

"That was planned out. Got to be planned out," said Terrence Lloyd. "King of Prussia's security is kind of tight. Maybe they need to hire new staff," said Lloyd.

Anyone with information on the identities of the suspects is asked to contact the Upper Merion Township Police Department at (610) 265-3232 or call our anonymous Tip Line at 484-636-3888.