Police investigate after debris from dump truck smashes through windshield

New Jersey State Police are investigating after debris from a dump truck smashed through a windshield of a vehicle and injured a woman.

"That's frightening." That's Watina Kennedy's reaction when looking at a chunk of debris that came crashing through a South Jersey woman's windshield--severing her middle finger and crushing other fingers.

"Thank God she is alive and she was able to get to the hospital."

The 76-year-old victim did not want to talk on camera but allowed us to see the metal debris--believed to weigh about 50 pounds--resting in the passenger seat where it landed last Thursday red hot at the time.

The woman said she feared for her life while driving northbound on I-295 in Hamilton Township when the piece of metal flew up from a dump truck and came smashing down.

In survival mode and bleeding profusely, she drove up a few more exits before getting help eventually treated at a hospital.

The victim says she was one of several drivers changing lanes trying to get away from the dump truck when the accident happened. Still in serious pain, she's just thankful she could get to safety.

The dump truck is believed to be white with no identifying markings. Anyone with information is asked to contact Hamilton Station at (609) 584-5000 Ext. 5297. Anonymous tips welcome.