Police investigate another Center City retail burglary

Just weeks after a masked group, stole $2,000 worth of jeans from Bloomingdales, police are investigating another Center City store robbery in Rittenhouse.

Security cameras captured how the three burglars pulled off the heist early Saturday morning.

It happened at Vince on the 17th and Walnut Street around 5:00 a.m.

The trio grabbed everything off the racks they could, and were in and out in minutes.

Police believe the suspects, two men and a woman were professionals because they likely cased the store before hitting it.

"Usually these smash and grabs like this don't take long," said Police Lt. John Stanford, "They know and pinpoint what they're gonna get, go in grab it and get right back out."

They got away in a light-colored sedan, which was parked right by the window.