Police investigate burglary in Franklin Township

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ (WTXF) Police are searching men accused of breaking into a woman's house in Franklin Township, New Jersey. According to police, the man claimed he was with the gas company. Residents are on edge.

Along the quiet stretch of Royal Avenue in Franklin Township, they don't have a lot of crime, so when an 83-year-old woman walked out of her bathroom and found two strange men inside her home, she was startled and demanded they leave.

"They tell her they're from the gas company and they're there to shut off her electric," police said.

Police released a sketch of one suspect. According to police, the two men quickly left the home, but not before stealing two rings from the victim's bedroom. Neighbors also reported seeing a strange vehicle along Royal Avenue right around the same time, possibly a grey minivan.

Investigators say Vineland detectives reported a similar crime by fake utility company workers. Again, the victim was an elderly person.

"Similar burglary occurred. Same day, a few hours apart. Suspects similar," police said.

In the meantime, police warned neighbors to be on the lookout for strange vehicles or people in their community.

According to police, the victim was not injured. Police say the suspect in Franklin Township wore a gold chain around his neck and had a very strong odor of cologne. They warn residents to keep their doors locked if you're away from home.if you have any information you can call Franklin Township or Vineland police.