Police investigate day care burglaries

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Surveillance video shows a man who police say is burglarizing child care centers; seven of them just since last Monday.

The most recent was on West Logan Street Tuesday morning.

"Once inside, he broke into the office, and there he stayed until he found some funds that was from a children's trip," day care owner Sandy Moore told FOX 29.

According to police, he made off with nearly a thousand dollars.

Police say they believe the same man was seen in a video Saturday morning inside a child care center in West Oak Lane, locating the cash box, breaking it off the wall, and then stealing the 5,000 dollars inside.

"We've been here for twelve years and nothing like this has ever happened to us before. We feel violated," said day care manager Tiffany Robinson.

Police say he does sometimes leave empty handed. But not before ransacking entire rooms. According to police, in one place, he got in by pushing an air conditioner through the wall, climbing through the hole, and stealing electronics, and $2,500 dollars.

"He's gained entry through the rear of the property. So far, he's got as little as nothing, to up to $6,000 in cash," said Ct. Derrick Wood.

Police and the victims want him caught badly.