Police Investigate Fatal Shooting in Elmwood

ELMWOOD, Pa -(WTXF)- Philadelphia police are investigating a fatal shooting on that occurred on Reedland Street in the Elmwood section of the city Sunday night

Neighbors on the 6300 block of Reedland Street were still trying to come to grips Monday with the shooting death of 16-year-old Cory Tunnell Jr. Sunday night.

"I heard a single shot. It got silent and then I heard somebody say, 'Go get your mom.' Pandemonium after that,'

"I rushed down the street and tried to get the mother to calm down and one of the brother to calm down. It's hard," said neighbor Tina Mitchell Robinson.

Robinson had her children out cleaning up the block like she does every week. She was one of the first ones to reach the teenage victim's mother moments after the shot was fired inside a relative's home.

"I tried to get her to the hospital-- just to give her comfort because I'm a mother and you never know what's going to happen these days," Tina explained.

Police say Cory Tunnell had just finished playing basketball on this street hoop in the middle of the block. He went inside his aunt's home for a few minutes when a gunshot rang out. Tunnell was shot in the eye.

"The descendant, his 18-year-old brother and his one other friend, were inside the house at the time of this incident," said Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain James Clark.

Police continue to investigate the shooting. Police say they did not find a gun inside the home. The victim's brother and friend were not home at the time homicide detectives arrived. Police are looking for speak with them.