Police investigate KKK fliers left outside Maple Glen homes in Upper Dublin Township

A no hate sign sits at the end of a street where vile fliers were strewn about.

"It's ridiculous in a way and scary," said Ilean Molish. She returned home from walking her dog last Sunday to find an unwelcomed KKK packet in the driveway of her home.

"It's scary because we are Jewish and we have neighbors who were immigrants and it just seems we were a good group to target. But it's very sad. I'm very unhappy about it," said Molish. She says at first she thought whoever put it there was targeting her family until she saw police and several of her neighbors outside who say they got the same thing.

"I'm sure everyone is frightened," she said. Not too far away in the same neighborhood of Maple Glen Roger Zacharia and Maria Paone live across the street from each other. They received the hate fliers too which along with KKK made references to Martin Luther King.

"We were scared actually because we didn't know exactly what it was so the whole neighborhood was talking about it. A lot of texts were flying around in the morning when the first of us saw it," said Paone.

They say it appears someone in a car just looped the area tossing them out. The fliers were in zip-lock bags. Some were filled with rice. Others had candy hearts in them. Neighbors believe they were left overnight.

"Cleary the neighbors aren't interested in this message and I don't know who is pushing it. I don't know where it's coming from," said Zacharia. He says this same thing happened in the area in years past but it's the first time for his street.

"This is the first time our street got it but it is a little disturbing," he said. Neighbors hope someone's home security camera captured something.