Police investigate robbery in Mayfair

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say a man hanging inside of a convenience store at an Express Fuel gas station on Frankford Avenue in Mayfair was looking to get into trouble on the evening of March 3rd.

Police say the video shows him pacing, acting like he's on his phone, but when he steps outside thinking the coast is clear he slips inside of an unlocked silver Honda Civic left running outside the store. According to police, he speeds away, unphased by the victim who tries to stop him. Police say he violently dragged her through the parking lot.

Police Lt Dennis Rosenbaum says an off duty officer was pumping gas when the robbery happened. He couldn't intervene because it happened so fast.

Police hope the case sends a message.

The victim suffered scrapes and bruises but is okay. Her car was recovered the next day in South Philadelphia but the alleged carjacker hasn't been caught.

Police are hopeful you can help.

"We're hoping that people will take a look at the video and recognize the make and give us a tip on who he is," said Lt. Rosenbaum.