Police Investigate Shootings in South Philadelphia Neighborhood

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)- Police say more than 100 gunshots were fired in a South Philadelphia neighborhood.

One of the shootings left one man dead and two wounded. Car windows were blown out, homes were struck by gunfire, bullets were left embedded in walls and car seats after two rival street crews left the sidewalks littered with shell casings.

It started Tuesday night when 51 shots were fired on the 6th and Wolf Street side of the park. Neighbors were shaken by the gunfire. On Wednesday night around 9:30 p.m., gunshots rang out again near a Cambodian Temple at 6th and Ritner. Police say more than 40 rounds were fired. According to police, a 19-year-old male was shot in the head. Investigators say a 40. Caliber Glock was found in his hand. A 25 and 35-year-old were also wounded.

"We're lucky that no other individuals were struck by gunfire over the last two night. One homicide is one too many," said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford.

A police surveillance camera is located on the same corner. Police are looking for video of the suspects and a motive for these shootings.

"There's obviously some issue going on. We have a number of people shot, a number of people shooting at each other to have that amount of rounds over the last two nights," Lt. Stanford.