Police investigate string of attacks in Juniata

Philadelphia police are investigating a series of attacks in Kensington.

Tyrone Brown walked his family home down Clearfield Street Monday evening, fully aware that a serial predator has struck multiple times in his neighborhood.

Brown spoke with FOX 29 after police confirmed that investigators now believe two recent attacks, at Souton and Clearfield and Ruth and Tusculum Streets are connected to a string of attacks on prostitutes dating back to April.

Police released pictures of the suspect on a bike back in July after 35-year-old Rickie Morgan was beaten with a brick, then stabbed to death at Jasper and Cumberland. Rosary beads and half a dozen teddy bears still mark the spot where she was killed.

Police say a woman told investigators she was choked into unconsciousness at Ruth and Tusculem last week. According to police, the attack on September 19th involved a gun and a knife. Verlonda Bagnall worries about her goddaughter going to work early in the morning.

"I tell her call me when she gets there, call me when she's leaving," she explained.