Police investigating Chester murder of 20-year-old man

"It's just sad man, it's really sad."

A sad and quiet evening on the 2100 block of West 3rd Street in the city of Chester hours after a 20-year-old man was shot dead.

"I don't know how it happened what happened there's just another young guy gone," Terry Covington, a neighbor, said.

Police say the young man - identified as Christian Jenkins - was shot in the street and then ran inside his home for help.

Word of the man's death has spread overnight - friends and family have been stopping by the block to offer condolences.

Neighbors say the victim was a good guy who offered haircuts to children who couldn't afford them.

"I know he never got in trouble - wasn't a bad kid he was very respectful."

"When I heard about this it was a shock because he don't do anything to nobody."

This woman who didn't want to be identified says she was good friends with the man and is surprised to see he was a victim of street violence.

"He was just a good person - he and his people good folks - my mom goes way back with their parents so it was just sad - he was a good person."