Police investigate fountain-style firework thrown into Tredyffrin Twp. home

Tredyffrin Township Police are looking for the person who threw a lit six-inch fountain style firework through the interior door of a second floor garden apartment on Sunday night.

Residents at the Stonegate at Devon Apartments say they are lucky their building didn’t burn down on the Fourth of July.

While most professional fireworks displays outside were finished, Tim Carlton says he saw another one inside an apartment living room just next door at 11:30 p.m.

The residents inside were not injured, but the lit firework did cause damage to the walls and carpet of the apartment.

"I looked in and there was a bunch of smoke. I thought they was playing with fireworks," Carlton said.

Police released a photo of the remnants of what is called the TNT Mermaid firework, which is meant for use outside.

Chief Eamon Brazunas, of the Berwyn Fire Company, who responded to the call, says everyone inside the building was very lucky.

"A fountain firework that's putting off the same type of heat, and anytime it's getting near stuff that's combustible, that can catch fire, that’s a big problem," Brazunas said.



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