Police investigating Northeast Phila. double shooting that killed one woman and left a man injured

"I heard gunshots at like the wee hours of the morning."

April Coates was asleep in her apartment with her 2-year-old daughter Thursday morning when gunfire erupted outside.

"It's very rare something happens like right here. I'm thinking maybe it's firecrackers or…"

When the gunshots ended, police say 36-year-old Pauline Simmons was dead and a man who traveled here with her was shot, listed in critical but stable condition.

"She's shot one time in the chest. We do believe it was some type of robbery. We believe she had money on her that was taken. But right now it's very much a work in progress."

According to detectives, Simmons, her friend who was wounded and a third man arrived here around 1:30 a.m. to meet someone in the Nottingham building when the gunfire erupted.

"I'm thinking it's safe, it's safe. I guess you're not safe anywhere.

"I feel sorry for her family and my prayers go out to them. I'm very sorry."

In all more than 12 shots were fired. One hit Simmons, one hit her friend and one shattered this apartment window. Another bullet pierced the side of Coates' Chrysler 300 parked near the victim.

"She was killed, but a lot more people could have gotten hurt because of the rounds that were fired in the complex."

"Hopefully they find whoever did this."