Police issue warning after a car was stolen, several others rummaged through in Chester County

A Malvern neighborhood is on edge after police say at least one car was stolen, and several others were rummaged through over the weekend. 

On Sunday, Ryan Brewer says he got up early to take his fiancé to the airport. To his surprise, he found that his fiancé's keys had disappeared and when he looked outside, he noticed the car was gone, too. 

"It was a huge shock. It was a very strange feeling to walk out and not see your car there," said Brewer. 

Brewer says his neighbor's surveillance cameras show a person walking up to his fiancé's 2019 Alfa Romeo parked right outside their home on Green Street in Malvern. The video shows the person get in the car before starting it and pulling away. The camera also captured a second and third person running after the car to get inside. 

"The last thing I was thinking about is that someone took it," Brewer said. "Then, we noticed that there was about two to three different cars on our block that had their door open with the rain pouring into them, so we knew that they got hit." 


Malvern police say the group of three individuals stole the car just before 3:30 Sunday morning. Officials say Jodi Canady also filed a report after she quickly realized her car had been rummaged through. 

"It's ridiculous," said Canady. "You figure in your home, you're safe. You know, you buy a new car, and you enjoy it, and you love it, so, it's a big violation." 

Police are sending out another reminder for people to lock their cars, doors, and windows and to bring all valuables and keys inside. 

"We live in a very quiet neighborhood, and we didn’t think we needed to be so vigilant with our vehicles or anything like that," said Brewer. "We didn’t have much attachment to the car, but just the feeling that something was taken from you and knowing that someone is trying to get away with it, you just really hope that justice gets served that’s for sure."